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Expert lifestyle product management delivered with flawless discretion. Offering the highest standards for our most discerning clients seeking distinguished products and management services.

Complete and comprehensive for those who wish to enjoy the art of living. Managing your time, purchase and lifestyle objects so you can get back to your business and your pleasure.

Rivera Lifestyle Management is dedicated to finding objects for a lifetime to complement the person who wants to acquire them. Managing the lifestyle product search of individuals, families and corporate members is the work of our company that makes every effort to find those gifts that define the person or company who seeks them. Our work begins with research and seizure.

Customizing your life creating memories.

Rivera Lifestyle Management provides the ability to manage the lifestyle product wherever the person goes. From taking care of your yacht, supercar to install your private home cinema at your residence.

Destination Management.

Destination Management Spain for individuals, families and corporate clients. Outstanding custom made travel and incentive arrangements promising unique encounters from gastronomy, architecture, culture, sports, leisure and entertainment. Our know-how to show will please any guest on your private event.

By land…by sea…by air.

Assisting you as you widen your horizons and explore the world. As ambassadors of luxury products we assist you in the buying process of exclusive cars, yachts and properties. Once the product is delivered we become your trusted partner to follow-up maintenance, storage or any other management request regarding your dream purchase. If the day arrives to sell, we will promote it through our network of potential buyers.

Lifestyle Project Management

You can delegate your dream projects to us and trust that we fulfil with masterful efficiency the follow-up, control and execution. We offer a VIP support to fulfil all your personal requests either on level of technology and architecture either on level of consultancy.

“The Rivera experience is one which is discreet, delicate and dedicated”